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Black Clover Cliffhanger Teases Asta’s Full Devil Union Form

Black Clover
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Black Clover Updates: Black Clover teases Asta’s complete transformation of the Devil Union with the newest cliffhanger in the season! Black Clover’s anime may soon be coming to a close, but Yuki Tabata’s original manga series is really working its way through the second main step of the Spade Kingdom arc.

Asta had been working with Nacht to make better use of his Devil skills, and after his good Devil-Binding Ritual, Asta and his Devil had learned as well as they could to effectively perfect their full Devil Union mode.

While the series was originally trolled by the fans with the debut of Asta’s new Devil Union form before Nacht took the fight directly to the Spade Kingdom, the newest chapter of the series promises that we won’t have to wait much longer as Asta sees it activate with Liebe to protect the Clover Kingdom from a massive devil attack.

Chapter 281 of the series picks up from the frightening cliffhanger that had a lot of devils spilling through the now broken open gates of the underworld, and the Clover Kingdom was marked as the object of a giant devil just like the original from the beginning of the series. But it was just the beginning of things going wrong for Nacht and those facing the Dark Triad.

Black Clover Earns Top Praise From Fans of Episode 167:

Black Clover
Comic Book

Black Clover is going on with the final moment of her anime, so you can see that all eyes are on the series. The show is faced with one of its toughest fights as the Spade Kingdom arc rages.

Now, the show has really outdone itself with episode 167, and fans are taking over the social media with their praise for the update. Now, pages like Twitter are inundated with reactions to the Black Clover premiere, and fans confess they love the big episode.

The Spade Kingdom arc has a long way to go, but this episode reveals exactly what Asta is capable of. The manga will continue Asta’s path towards becoming the Wizard King, so anime-only fans will want to check out the ASAP print book. And before too long, we can only hope the Black Clover will return to the small screen until the manga is further along.


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