Black Clover episode 167 and 168 Release Date and New Stills with Promo

Black Clover Episode 167 is returning and its episode 168 will happen or not? For the fans of Black Clover Anime here we have information about its Release Date and Is Episode 167 gonna be the final and last episode of the most-loved anime? In the next few weeks, the Black Clover is ending in the last of March so Episode 167 will be the last in the series or we can expect few more episodes?

Will Black Clover episode 167 be the Final Episode?

So there is good and depressing news for the fans as the Anime is ending but Episode 167 will not be the end the anime will end with this episode which will air on March 30th, 2021, which was announced by its Official Twitter Page.

Episode 167 Release Date and Time

The Episode 167 will be released worldwide on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 for premium users on Crunchyroll and on 16th for Free Users.

Release Time of Black Clover Episode 167

Episode 176 will be released at 03:25 AM PST,5: 25 AM CST, 11: 25 AM GMT,12: 55 AM CET, 7: 25 PM KST,8: 55 PM ACDT and 6: 25 AM EST on March 9th, 2021

The Plot of Episode 168

As per the new stills of the Episode, we can expect various twists in the anime as it’s very close to its end  As Captain of Black Bulls Yami Sukehiro could not damage Dante Zogratis and the body of Dante is recovering very fast because of the devil’s power so in this episode Yami will ask for help from Asta and the epic fight will be taken place as per the BCinfo on Twitter.

As per the title of Episode 167 “Black Oath” the episode gonna be very interesting and amazing to watch.

Black Clover Episode 168 Release Date and Time

Episode 168 of Black Clover will be released on 16th March with the title “Stirrings of the Strongest” which is again on Tuesday but only for Premium Users of Crunchyroll.

There are rumors that Black Clover would be closed permanently, But as per the fan base of Black Clover, we can expect its return as a movie and Sequel Series. If you are a lover of Black Clover Please stay tuned as we will update every detail related to its Anime Series, Movies, and Comic on our Portal Daily Research Plot

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