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John Stamos Shares Throwback Full House Photo of Elizabeth Olsen

Full House

Full House Updates: A picture of Elizabeth Olsen was posted by John Stamos Visiting the set of sitcom Classic Full House. Stamos played the role of Kind-hearted, quite social able Uncle Jesse, who was an ally and a friend to the niece Michelle Tanner during the original run of the show that is from 1987 to 1995.

The role of Michelle Tanner was very famously shared by the twin’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The spin-off for the series under the title of “Fuller House”  has run on Netflix for its 5 seasons and recently got over with its last season for the series. Although most of the cast was back on the sequel show, the Olsen twins chose not to reprise their roles.

It was when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were shooting for Fuller’s house, their youngest sibling Elizabeth Olsen just stepped by for onset taping.

Full House: John Stamos Photos

Full House

Even Elizabeth got cast for the Finale episode where she seemed giving flowers to her sisters. However, the two twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen after their years of celebrity stardom have stepped out of acting and focussing primarily on their fashion label.

After graduating from New York University, Elisabeth Olsen too followed in their footsteps and stepped into the entertainment industry and she got praised for her role in Marvel’s Wanda Vision as she is playing the role of Wanda Maximoff for the MCU.

In an interview, Elisabeth revealed her fears of becoming an actress and that she feared accusations of Nepotism also thought of changing her name to Elisabeth Chase because of that.

But soon she realized that she loves her sisters and is very proud of the achievements they have.

So she focussed all her attention on her craft and dedicating herself to every script she has been working. Ultimately, Olsen’s discipline as an actress has certainly paid off in the past few years, particularly once she joined the MCU.

She’s no longer the little sister of Full House stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen but an established actress in her own right. Her nuanced, powerful portrayal of Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision has garnered critical praise.

John Stamos recently uploaded the picture with Elisabeth, with all Praising her work in WandaVision.



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