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Wandavision Twins Can Survive outside the Hex?

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Wandavision Updates: Director of Wandavision, Matt Shakman reacted shy when asked about Tommy’s and Billy’s future in the MCU outside of Wanda’s Hex.

Billy and Tommy who was also known as Wiccan and Speed were presented in episode 4 of Wandavision when Wanda gave birth to them and episode 3. The twins speedily growing, and actors Jett Klyne and Jullian Hilliard were playing the role of twins from then. In episode 8 of Wandavision, the twins were found in a shaky position, capturing Agatha’s powers as they lead into the finale.

Billy and Tommy have flaunted their powers from time to time and an initial look at the wandavision finale reveals the twins make ready to fight to rescue Westview at the side of their parents. The birth of twin’s still unrevealed, but the show has given hint about their link to Mephisto, related to their origination in the comics, but how that will happen in the series stay hazy.

Wandavision Can Twins Survive Outerworld?


When it was questioned about Monica’s and Hex’s ability to egress Westview with some of her clothes of the 70s era still in diplomatic. The director told Screen Rant that he can’t convey the exact answer to the question that Billy and Tommy can live outside of the Hex till after the funeral will be held at the question after the final launches this week. He added that he can answer the question after the launch of the Wandavision finale in post-interview.

who are the regular viewers, they can guess that the answer is No? When Vision tried to way out of the Hex, he was almost wrecked, forcing Wanda to enlarge the fence in a way to rescue him.

Westview Vision’s Origins were disclosed in episode 8, however, it appears like he may be entirely a formation of the Hex itself. If Wanda’s twins can live outside of the Hex, they will be different from their father in that view.

This means that Billy and Tommy’s future in the MCU remains an Enigma. With gossip waving that klyne and Hilliard are in London, a few minutes away from where Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is shootings, fans have to invest that they could be the role of Wanda’s story for the expected future. If this is true, then MCU seems to infuse in Wanda’s carry on with the ancestry into sorrowful Insanity.