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Chaos Walking: Tom Holland can use his thoughts as weapons.

Chaos Walking-

Chaos Walking Update: The new clip of the chaos walking show shows that Tom Holland’s Todd Hewitt uses the noise, AKA his thoughts as a weapon against Nick Jonas as a form of self-defense. From 2016 only, when the development of the movie took off, it seems to be the movie with the most potential franchise starts.

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland were cast in the lead roles after breaking out as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, Doug Liman was attached to direct after delivering Edge of Tomorrow a few years prior.

Mad Mikkelsen, Nick Jonas, David Oyelowo, and more were added to the casts back in 2019 when the movie got its release date. But with its production started back in 2017, the film got hit by several delays. The studio demanded several reshoots which got difficult due to Holland and Ridley’s busy schedules which further resulted in the movie losing its intended release which Lionsgate provided.

Chaos Walking: Tom Holland can use his thoughts as weapons.

Chaos Walking

Lionsgate eventually pulled out the reshoots and delayed the release of the movie to early 2021, but the movie after waiting for multiple years is finally in its last stretch of the marketing campaign and nearing its release.

A clip from chaos walking got debuted at IGN Fan Fest by Lionsgate. It tends out to be footage of less than one minute which focuses on an encounter between Holland’s Todd Hewitt and Jonas’ Davy Prentiss Jr.

In the clip, Hewitt seems to use his noise to project out his thoughts for real and also allows him to send a giant snake at Prentiss Jr. that already starts the fight between the boys much before Mikkelsen’s Mayor Prentiss rides into town.

In Chaos Walking Universe, every creature has this power of noise, which is a disease that infected all living beings. The clip does show many using their power of noise differently.

Also, Hewitt is not much speaking in the scene but his thoughts are very clear. But these abilities also allow his thoughts to materialize as if they were real, which is why Prentiss Jr. is so startled by the snake that appears.

It is not very surprising for the franchise to use Noise as its marketing material from the movie as noise is the most defining and unique element of Chaos Walking. But with the short period condemned for the movie’s marketing, it could risk the chances of the movie from becoming a major hit.

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