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Persona: HBO’s Scary New Doc Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Personality Tests

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests Updates: Are you the one who is a personality quiz addict? Then you must read this for sure. This will make to think twice before you go take a personality test in your free time.

In association with CNN and HBO Max, the audience is going to witness a new documentary with the name, Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests.

This documentary is going to cover the truth and explore the histories of Myers-Briggs personality assessment and also let the audience understand how will it be a dangerous tool. Luckily, for the fans, there is a trailer released that is going to question the viewers about every personality test they have ever taken.

From the information collected from the press conference with HBO regarding the Persona, we have got to know some information about this as it explores the unexpected origins of the greatest obsessions or we can say from where the story has started to feed the people brain with the personality test.

This show also discovers the intriguing history of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, all along with this there will be raising some ethical questions which show us how these indicators are causing harm rather than doing good.

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests Scary Series

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests

This can be considered as an eye-opening documentary that is going to bring light to the profound ways in which ideas about individual personality have impacted our society and changed our lives.

For the one who does not have even a bit of knowledge about the world-famous personality test which has impacted many lives in America, this test is developed by Katharine Cook Briggs along with her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers in the times of 1940s. So, what is this personality test, and how does this work?

To answer this, we have to first know the process of classification. There are 16 types of personalities that are classified by the answers given to the questionnaire. This questionnaire helps to analyze people’s thinking. This questionnaire is such a way designed it helps people to understand better, their personalities and also job preferences.

As time goes on, this test has shaped itself and become as a powerful tool, this has actually shaped people’s lives in many aspects. This HBO show, Persona is inspired by Merve Emre’s The Personality Brokers. In the direction of Tim Travers Hawkins, this new documentary is going to be in front of the audience on 4th March on HBO Max.

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