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Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer & Poster Reveal Small Kaiju & New Jaeger

Pacific Rim: The Black

Pacific Rim: The Black Updates: The complete official trailer and poster for Pacific Rim: The Black highlighting Netflix’s anime prequel series from the Guillermo Del Toro franchise.

The official trailer and poster for Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black animated series has arrived. Guillermo Del Toro has partnered up with Legendary to launch the Pacific Rim franchise in 2013.

The first film was a modest success, both critically and commercially, helped by its popularity abroad. Pacific Rim has made more than $400 million globally, and more than $100 million has come from China alone.

Pacific Rim: Uprising’s release in 2018 failed to top $300 million worldwide, but China again accounted for a substantial sum of the box office.

Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer & Poster

The future of the Pacific Rim franchise on the big screen remains uncertain, but the monster/robot combat universe is already seen as a desirable location to build more tales.

Netflix revealed in 2018, a few months after Pacific Rim: Uprising’s debut, that an anime series set in this universe was coming. It wasn’t until recently, though, that Netflix started selling the Pacific Rim: the Black Rim. The show follows two brothers and sisters in abandoned Australia invaded by Kaiju, who are seeking to locate their parents.

Pacific Rim: The Black

Following the unveiling of a teaser trailer, Netflix has now dropped Pacific Rim’s first official trailer: The Black. The trailer will be followed by a new promotional poster for the show, highlighting Taylor and Hayley posing in front of the new Kaiju. Pacific Rim: The Black Season 1 consists of seven episodes, all of which will be streaming on Netflix beginning March 4, 2021.

This latest trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black features the anime theme that is being repeated and offers prospective fans a clearer understanding of what the plot is going to be like.

Taylor and Hayley’s life in search of the ruins of Australia is the priority of their parents, and that’s how they’re going to locate Jaeger to use to battle any Kaiju they face. But, the trailer teases their lives, too, before going on this new adventure.

It also points out how the world of the Pacific Rim is still evolving, with the emergence of a modern, tiny Kaijus. Plus, it helps to create what seems to be a major mystery to the show about the child they’re not seeing.

Previously, Pacific Rim: The Black will run for at least two seasons, but any story audiences connect with next month should be the beginning of a longer adventure.

While Guillermo Del Toro was not personally involved in writing or directing the series, there is still cause for optimism. And because there are no hopes for Pacific Rim 3 to happen in the immediate future, The show is the only stuff fans the franchise can hope to see anytime soon.