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Swamp Thing: Why the Justice League Dark Hero Needs a Human Host

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Updates: As the defender of the Green, Swamp Thing is an airman, chosen to pursue his interests in the entire DC Universe by the Parliament of Trees.

Although the physical composition of Swamp Thing is generally made up entirely of vegetation, the avatar almost always has formed prominent ties to humans, either by a human body bound directly to the Green or preserving the memory of a human attachment to the Green.

And, within the post-apocalyptic timeframe of the Future State, Swamp Thing reveals that considering the urgency of the human race to pollute and kill the world’s plants, it is exactly necessary for the Green leaders to preserve this important relationship with humankind.

The Creature is most frequently connected to the murdered physicist, Alec Holland, who sinks into a Bayou outside of his house. He is then killed.

While Alec originally assumed that he was born again as the creature in order to serve the Green, preserving his human heart beneath the entire herb, a closer examination showed that the superhero was in fact merely a sentient plant that in his final moment had inherited the science memory of Alec.

However, even after this discovery Swamp Thing retained his humanity at different stages, and at the beginning of the New 52 era, he reinforced his link with the resurrected Alec Holland.

Swamp Thing: Dark Hero

Swamp Thing

The famous DCU heroes and villains apparently wiped out further forward of Future State’s history, with a strange cataclysm. Swamp Thing is still alive and its connection to humans is visibly dissipating, while the last remains of the species shelter in the north, while the Green eats the remnants of the old planet.

Swamp Thing has produced a whole family of delicate plants that refer at it as their father figure and when the long-time adversary of the creature Woodrue resurfaces for the final effort to overthrow the super-hero, Swamp Thing points out why Woodrue cannot be completely bound with the green and that the avatar wants a human host.

Woodrue has always been fascinated with the replacement of his own humanity as the supreme delicate herb, intensely jealous of the creature, champion of the House of Trees.

In the state Future, Woodrue injecting plant DNA directly into his body just caused the green feed to visibly condemn him, and make Woodrue, even more, a mutant.

Swamp Thing explains that, while the dynamics of Parliament of the Trees with humans have always been tenuous, the Green operates in combination with other animals to maintain natural order; Swamp Things are continually connected to a human host in history.

As centuries of swamp things spanning untold thousands of years ago, one of the key constants has been a human host for taking a green viewpoint out of one that plants depend entirely on. And while mankind in Future State is on the verge of extinction, Swamp Thing remembers how necessary it is for the species to survive while reconnecting with its lost history.


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