Swamp Thing Season 2: Is it Happening or Not? Click to know Every Detail

Swamp Thing Season 2 Updates: It is a hard deal to crack when networks stick to show which aren’t performing well or cancel the ones that receive enough admiration. The same somehow goes with the show ”Swamp Thing,” The show is a horror theme Bayou series broadcasted on channel CW.

The show was released on streaming service DC Universe in back 2019 but the curious question is whether there will be season 2?

Swamp Thing Season 2 happening or not?

People might think the show to get a green light for another season since it is one of the biggest DC Universe services, Warner Bros. But unfortunately, there won’t be a second season of the show. The first season was debuted in May 2019 and was immediately canceled after one episode.

There is no reason known for the show to get canceled and why the production halted it despite the fact that that Swamp Thing was loved by both comic fans and critics.

Know about the show!

Swamp Thing was spooky enough with a background of cheesy and goofy 80s movie. Talking about the ratings and viewers the show has managed to receive plenty of it. Recently the show would debut on network CW in the fall of this year itself.

The show was customized with its expensive set and outstanding cast totaling a budget of $2 million for the first season’s set solely. Including the production budget, the show marked up by costing $85 million.

Even the Warner Bros decided to cut three episodes of the first season out of 13, one-hour entries to just 10 episodes.

Reviews and Critics on the show Swamp Thing

The critics were effusing about the show giving it about 94 percent on the site, on the contrary fans are not expected to be so unkind setting about 67 percent to the sire of Rotten Tomatoes.
We possibly expect this to be a result of review bombing from the fans who were dissatisfied with the show.

This could be the reason for the show to not renew for a second season. The president of C.W network Mark Pedwitz didn’t reveal the fate of the show Swamp Thing to appear on the channel again.

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