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Naruto: 5 People Most Responsible For Obito’s Downfall


Naruto Updates: Over a 15-year period, Naruto has become one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, which is amazing because it shows people the importance of friendship and determination.

As the series continues, viewers are exposed to more and more characters, most of whom are professional ninjas with their own special skill set, and in the Kakashi Gaiden side plot, fans are introduced to Obito Uchiha.

Obito was a member of Team Minato, which included Kakashi and Rin, and his teammates assumed for the longest time that he had killed himself to save them.

He was still much alive, however, and after experiencing a horrific incident, he decided to side with Madara Uchiha, who wished to plunge the earth into an everlasting fantasy world. Obito dreamed of becoming a Hokage, but unfortunately, he became a villain who was obsessed with love, which is why his collapse is so tragic.

Naruto: 5 Most Responsible People

1. Rin 


Rin was a girl from Leaf Village who worked as a medical-nin assigned to Team Minato, and Obito was madly in love with her. It was because of this passion that he risked his life to save her when she was abducted by Stone Village Ninja during her mission at Kannabi Bridge.

Since his life was spared, he was taught to get stronger so he could return to Rin, but she was dead the next time he saw her. Rin may not have forced Obito to become a villain, but his passion for her was the driving force behind his motives.

  1. Naruto: Kakashi


Kakashi told Obito that he would defend Rin, but she decided to put an end to her own life by stepping into Kakashi’s Chidori. She did this because she did not want to be used as a tool against her own village.

He battled Obito in an internal struggle at the end of the season, and this fight would never have happened if Kakashi could hold his word.

  1. Minato


Even among the Hokage, Minato was very strong, so he should have supported Rin easily when Rin was taken over by the Mist Village.

As the team’s teacher, he was eventually responsible for their defense, but he was nowhere to be seen, and this caused both Rin and Obito to get injured.

  1. Kakko


Kakko was the Ninja from Stone Village who abducted Rin during the Kannabi Bridge mission. Obito and Kakashi combined forces to take Kakko down, and the war ended with a cave-in that caused a huge rock to collapse on Obito, crushing the right side of his body.

  1. Madara


Zetsu may have fooled Madara into thinking that the Limitless Tsukuyomi could bring real-world peace, but Madara was the one who arranged Rin’s second abduction and had the Mist Village trap the Three-Tails inside her. He also timed it so that Obito could see the death of Rin.