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Suicide Squad James Gunn Has Even More Spinoff Ideas

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Spinoff: After James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Spinoff series, Peacemaker, he may keep evolving new DC Extended Universe subject that was indicated by MCU alum James Gunn.

The Suicide Squad continued to expand the universe, this hint was given by James Gunn. By David Ayer, the first Suicide Squad movie was directed, and it was released in 2016 and widely screened by critics.

Marvel’s popular Guardians of Galaxy movie was helmed by Gunn, this was given rise to direct the next Suicide Squad movie, for DC’s famous antihero team it was function as something of a sluggish reboot.

For August 2021 The Suicide Squad is scheduled, for HBO Max, Peacemaker it has already generated series. John Cena make again his movie character to extended universe will see by Gunn’s second foray into DC, whom he has as “douchey Captain America”. During the coronavirus quarantine, the series is a fascinating surprise expansion to the DCEU survived from Gunn’s boredom.

Suicide Squad: James Gunn’s Ideas

Suicide Squad

For his fans, Gunn left a few other breadcrumbs to follow in his tweets. He implies that the Peacemaker will introduce a new character, and to the MCU’s Wanda Vision he agreed with one enthusiast comparing the series.

For The Mental Men, he also professed his love, artificially intelligent robot heroes a Sliver Age era comic book team opening up a new whole new avenue of DC characters he could interrogate potentially.

Gunn has more DCEU ideas and it’s not a surprise, but it was not necessarily mean to fruition as Peacemaker. Still it’s exciting to hear that in the DC sandbox the Marvel alum is ready to keep playing.

In his career, The movie was the most entertaining movie he directed, so with DC and Warner Brothers he was very well could formulate to develop content.

In their unifying extended universe, Dc has had less success than Marvel, but in other ways they are having more willing to take creative risks. For Gunn and the DCEU, The movie will mark a fresh era hopefully.