Black Lightning Season 4 Wayne Brady Wants to be the part of the Spinoff

Black Lightning Season 4 Updates: Prior to this month, it was announced by CW that the return of Black Lightning for the sake of season 4, there will be a back stairs pilot to do a possible Painkiller spinoff.

This was the most amazing news for fans of the show, after this there was a bit less exciting news for fans that there will be an end of black lightning in the coming season 4. Although, with the series end, one of the series’ stars is going to come back for the painkiller show and for all the final season.

One of the first adversaries of Black lightening’s season three,i.e, Gravedigger, currently mentioned to the Entertainment Weekly that he isn’t sure about his participation in season 4 but he really wants to get involved in the Painkiller show.

Black Lightning Season 4: What Brady has to share?

Brady told that In Gravedigger, he entered and it left out everyone behind. Having the notice of cancellation, they are doing their work in relation to the season.

It isn’t confirmed that I’m going to be involved in this to date but according to my perception, as far as everyone is quiet, he said yes. The chance of his coming back in the new twist is much more.

As the audience is going to remember, Gravedigger was found getting through the detonation of ASA PIT by 3rd Season’s end which tends to create another villain with genetic rope to Black lightning while Brady is going to be on top if a slight effort will be done.

Brady said that she had put in calls as he wants to get back to the Black lightning universe.

The cancellation of Black Lightening’s news in November surprised all the audience. Salim Akil, the creator of this series, shown his happiness because of the happening of the painkiller show like a continuation in a news story.

Akil said that at the starting of Black Lighting Journey, it was known that Jefferson Pierce including his family is included in the superhero genre. The love shown in this series by Blerds and audience all over the globe is portrayed in this show in the previous three seasons demonstrates our imagination, black people are willing to watch them all in their complications.

Akil thanked all the phenomena characters, cast, writers as well as they are the person who helped a lot. Also, he said that I’m very proud because of the work we did and the memory created in conducting DC’s initial family of African-American heroes to existence.

Also, I’m very thankful to Warner Bros and Peter Roth. Grateful to Mark Pedowitz, Greg Brtlanyi, CW network, and TV for their collaboration and help throughout the journey.

Season 4 might be the end of this show, and I’m excited to escort in a new part and carried on with collaboration with CE while we will speak Painkiller’s story

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