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Doctor Strange 2 Fan Poster: Chris Evans’ Captain America transforms into a Hydra King

Captain America

Captain America: As Captain Hydra, Chris Evans is back in the Multiverse of Mystery, instead of Captain America in Dr. Strange’s fan art piece.

In the Multiverse of Madness poster, a fan-made Doctor Strange transforms Chris Evans’ Captain America into Hydra’s king. The Sam Raimi directed sequel will see the return of Stephen Strange by Benedict Cumberbatch with Elizabeth Olsen co-starring as Scarlet Witch.

There are several fan theories about how WandaVision and even Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 could be related to the Doctor Strange sequel, confirming that the Sorcerer Supreme is making an appearance in the film of Tom Holland. Other than that, the plot of the sequel is little understood.

Although Cumberbatch and Olsen continue to be the main players in the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evans may also be coming back to the franchise soon.

At the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, Evans formally retired as Captain America, with most fans believing that the Russo Brothers gave the character a great send-off.

However, it was announced a few weeks ago that Evans is reaching an agreement to return as Cap to the MCU, probably in two forthcoming projects. With numerous fan theories about how Evans will return as Captain America, people have gone wild, with one artist giving him a dark twist.

Have a Look at Captain America: As Captain Hydra

Captain America
Digital artist Ultraraw26 pictographic Evans as a villain in Doctor Strange at the Multiverse of Chaos by making him the Hyrda agent. The artist states that, in the main MCU timeline, he thinks Evans’ career as Steve Rogers is over, but that the actor might quickly return as Captain Hydra.

Although Evans being in the Multiverse of Madness in Doctor Strange is at this stage merely a fan hypothesis, it could potentially happen.

Raimi’s film could involve any living or deceased character from the MCU and even characters from non-MCU Marvel series, with the sequel presumably delving into a Multiverse There have been some rumors that in either Spider-Man 3 or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would return as Spider-Man, although this, too, is In brief, in Doctor Strange’s next outing, something is possible.

Fans were definitely happy to learn about the comeback of Evans, but Marvel needs to be mindful about how to get him back in order to prevent fan retaliation.

As described above, Steve returning to the past to live out his days with Peggy was considered a fitting end to the plot of Captain America, and it might not go over well with movie-goers to bring back Evans as an old Captain that being said, as a new iteration of the character or also as the chief of Hyrda, the Multiverse is a great means of getting Evans back.

This depiction of Steve Rogers might or may not end up appearing in the Multiverse of Madness in Doctor Odd, but this plot may also take place in the animated What If…? Disney+ sequence. Anyway, it might be an interesting way to get back to the MCU with Evans.