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How Ben Affleck reacted over his break up

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck: Ben Affleck is an American actor born on August 15, 1972. He is also a film director, producer, and screenwriter. And in 2020, Ben started dating Ana de Armas. Ana de Armas is a Cuban- Spanish actress born on 30 April 1988.

She mainly plays romantic roles in movies. She works in television shows as well. They met in March 2020 while vacationing together in Havana, Cuba. There might be an age difference between them but they were romantically linked together.

Love Life:

In November, they spotted enjoying their first appreciation party of ‘Deep Water’ together at their home. And then at the end of the month, they dappled with Ben’s children at Santa Monica park.

After some time of their relationship, in December people revealed that they took their relationship to another level. Ben went to Ana’s home in California. And through some sources, people reported that their relationship is getting stronger and they will continually do it for a long time. As it was not possible for Ben to leave Los Angeles because of his three kids. They break off mutually and decided to walk their own ways.

Break Up Story:

Ben Affleck

‘When everything is going good then something bad must happen’. Like the above quote, when their love story was in air. People reported the bad news at the beginning of 2021. In January, they broke up.

As per sources, Ana doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles and Ben has to be in Los Angeles as his children stay there. As their relationship was complicated, they decided to break off mutually. But the division for breaking off is taken by Ana first.

Ben Affleck: Reaction Over Break-up:

Ben gets upset over his breakup with Ana as it looks he was deeply in love with her and after dating almost a year he was not expecting their breakup. He thought to be forever with Ana and he was hoping his relationship would work well in the future.

He seems to be very broken and sad over the split with Ana as he was expecting his future with her. As per sources, they were facing some difficulties so they decided to get apart mutually. People reported that it was a mutual decision but Ben is really upset over his breakup. Ben was deeply in love with Ana. He loves to see her around him every time. He feels her like home. She used to give him positive vibes.

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