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Disenchantment Season 3: Ending Explained

Disenchantment Season 3
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Disenchantment Season 3 Update: It is an American fantasy-based animated sitcom exclusively by Netflix, infused with some indecorous humor. Turning back times to the modern era in ‘Simpsons’ and then to the future with ‘Futurama’, this series lies in the middle, holding the medieval times coming from the same producer, Matt Groening.

This wasn’t a big hit with the critics and has mixed reviews from its inception in August 2018 and it drastically improved from the 2nd part of the first season as all the pieces fall into place and might be back for an even better sequel this time.

The first set of 20 scenes were fabricated in one go but were delivered in two settings; the first on August 17, 2018, while the second on Sept 20, 2019, accordingly. The next set of scene illustrations was already arranged back then but didn’t air until recently.

Disenchantment Season 3: Update

Disenchantment Season 3

Oscillating between the present unprecedented situation due to the spread of this coronavirus, the execution has been with long-distance social communication at this point, delaying its release.

Here’s how things wrapped up for the characters in this installment.


The Disenchantment Part 3 ending shows Bean as the queen of Dreamland, which we are familiar with how dangerous of a position to be in. Bean can’t fend off the opponents from both within and outside the kingdom. Better than her father, Zog yet with Elfo and Luci being away from her, she has her shortcomings. And in spite of all, she was taken down by Dagmar to a hellish altar-like place.


King Zog was entirely in health before the Disenchantment Part 3 ending, but it’s clear at the end that he’s off his rocker. Being buried alive early on in the new batch of episodes and gotten worse further with episodes.

With Zog being delivered to an asylum it is in question as to whether Zog’s insanity kick wasn’t helped along by some magic from Dagmar or that crown that Alva Gunderson clearly was able to monitor Dreamland.


Shortly after Bean’s coronation, Dreamland is in the hands of Ogres. They’re lead by Junior, who fans may remember was jabbed in both of his eyes during a battle between gnomes and Ogres.

They ensnared Elfo in exchange for Dreamland’s safety and this season closed off with Elfo turning himself into the ogres to help save his friends and Dreamland for he is abducted away and is under the assumption of being dead.

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