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Ride 4 is now available on new-gen consoles! Know more

Ride 4

We already knew that Ride 4, the Italian studio’s two-wheeled racing game Landmark, arrived on new-gen consoles earlier this year, but when exactly? Now the answer is. For next-gen consoles, Ride 4 is available now, with new improvements and new challenges! Milestone wrote in a post on a blog.

With a customizable resolution of up to 4K and smoother gaming at 60FPS, you can see the difference. Racing against 20 riders online and offline, you’ll face the gap. And thanks to the strength of the DualSense Advanced Haptic Feedback for PS5, you can feel the difference.

What is NEXT? you always asked. It’s time for the solution to be sought. For both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Ride 4 is now available. You can update it to the new-gen edition for free if you already own a PS4 copy, but the deal is only up until April 30. It also includes Xbox systems with smart distribution capabilities.

Ride 4 feedback and many more updates:

Ride 4

Get ready to keep the true sensations in your hands that only a great bike can offer its rider. We are excited to say that… RIDE 4 IS Finished! The ultimate two-wheel riding experience is now available on PlayStation for all bike lovers. The world of virtual bikes meets the real one! You want to win a Yamaha bike, an awesome Bridgestone award, a PS4 Pro Console.

The full game list of bikes and tracks is finally here! But at the beginning, let’s start. Every model in Ride 4 was created. Are you prepared to have the best gaming experience a motorcycle enthusiast can have? Get outstanding content now when you pre-order RIDE 4. NEXT Century IS COMING.

21st January 2021: It’s time for a new age to arrive. Next-gen consoles are happy to welcome. It’s time to get on board with the next chapter… and what a track! For the gaming of the first official game. Couldn’t you wait to release the game? It’s time to see first-hand what the next chapter of the game is awaiting you! Are you ready to take a look at the new game in more depth? Welcome to Inside RIDE 4, the first episode.

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