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When Calls the Heart Season 8: Throws A Cryptic Hint For Season 8

When Calls the Heart Season 8

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Updates: Season 8 of the series “When calls the heart” will arrive back in February for its 8 seasons.

And also they throw a hint that there is a romance in this series. This is one of the biggest and famous series of Hallmark Channel

Reviews of  When Calls the Heart Season 8

I need to say that, this TV series is very addicting among all the other series that I ever watched.  Besides,  Greenleaf,  Virgin River,  WCTH gave me the satisfaction as a whole person who sees  good in everything and everyone.

Watching WCTH  growing from a small town named Coal Valley, that now well known as Hope Valley which gives hope to whoever came to Hope Valley.

JT and ET really played their role very well. The chemistry between both of them were well acted.  Besides,  Abigail,  Bill,  Leland(Lee) and all the other main characters in this TV series,  I really  liked Rosemary’s character.

She really played her part well and watching her from the start, where she appeared to be an annoying character but then grew to becoming a much understanding, caring and most importantly a person who is willing to change herself to a better person , really moved me.

We need more TV series that uphold all the moral values that were portrayed and exercised in WCTH.  Another interesting character that still keeps me thrilled yet unpredictable is Henry Gowon.

It is sad to see Abigail not there in S6 onwards  but her MIA was not well explained and as a staunch viewer of WCTH,  kept me to wonder where and what happened to her. It is definitely a successful TV series and a family TV series too.

Some More Important Reviews

When Calls the Heart Season 8

May I suggest that you bring back Charles Kensington as Elizabeth’s future husband? He was always devoted to her. He is charming and a good person too.

And He loves Elizabeth very much…He may want to settle in Hope Valley too and mind Mr. Thatcher’s business there. Nathan Will be fine as a Mounty friend to watch over Elizabeth and Hope Valley.

Lucas can just be a friend too but not a Love interest…His character is shady and I won’t like him to be a Father for Little Jack. I can’t wait to see Season 7 on Netflix.

I am a certified Heartier now. So sorry for Abigail. This show is truly inspiring! The BEST SHOW EVER!!! It all started with me watching it on my computer, then it turning into a regular show for me and my family to binge every night.

I saw a lot of bad reviews how they said they got the dates wrong and clothes and how life really was back then, but hey they couldn’t make it perfect! It awesome just the way it is. And one or two reviews also showed people complaining because the season wasn’t on Netflix.




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