When Calls the Heart Season 8: What to expect from upcoming season

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Updates: In the final scene of When Calls the Heart, Season 7’s finale, everyone was left baffled. It appears that Elizabeth has set her focus on Lucas, yet she hugs Nathan tightly.

Some fans expressed their opinion that Elizabeth has made her decision probably. But, if she has made her decision, then why was she still pursuing Lucas. So, many fans took it to social media to express their frustration regarding Elizabeth’s confused love life.

What to expect from the 8th Season of When Calls the Heart

The Season 8 premiere was available a few months back, and since then When Calls the Heart, fans are trying to anticipate what will be the plot of Season 8.

Elizabeth aka Erin Krakow tried to solve our curiosity, but it actually resulted in spiking up their curiosity level. She teased that there will be romance in the upcoming season, but with who, that is a huge mystery.

Revelations by Erin Krakow

Erin aka Elizabeth took it to Twitter and increased the curiosity level. Some fans even urged her to spill the beans on the plot details. But she kept quiet until one of the fans started criticizing her character.

According to the fan, Elizabeth is moving on too fast from her first love, Jack. But in her defense, she stated that one should witness love differently.

She empathized that she knows fans are still sad over Daniel’s exit, but according to her, she has a different concept. Elizabeth is not meant to stay loyal to Jack until her death. Her new love life doesn’t weaken what Elizabeth and Jack had.

Well, the character Elizabeth received a huge amount of criticism owing to her confusion about her love life. And this is not the first time, Elizabeth has stepped out to clarify her character. Some fans have even called out her character as shameful.

She replied to such criticism that she appreciates their care and concern and suggests that calling out the characters with shameful names is very unkind. And one should try to have a broad mind.

For any more queries stay tuned and wait for any further official notification.

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