The Last Kingdom Season 5: How did Aelswith star Eliza Butterworth feel about this!

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Updates: The Last Kingdom is on Netflix, and Bernard Cornwell based the series on a series of books called The Saxon Tales.

The TV adaptation preceded the union of England under the Saxons by Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon).

Aelswith is the late King Alfred’s wife (David Dawson) and fans were surprised to hear about the real age of actress Eliza Butterworth.

How did Eliza Butterworth find an elderly character messing around?

In the first season, Lady Aelswith joined the cast of The Last Empire, and she plays a big part in the series relative to the novels. She is married to King Alfred and is completely supported by his dream of uniting all of England’s kingdoms as one.

However, Aelswith did not agree with the relationship between Alfred and the Dane Uhtred, and she was afraid he would lead her husband astray.

She is also the mother of the children of Alfred – Edward (Timothy Innes) and Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) and with them, she can be very stern. In the first three seasons, her character was one of the most disliked by viewers, but she began to redeem herself in season four after her husband died.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The actual Ealhswith will have lasted only until her mid to late-50s, but she is supposed to be in her mid-30s in the series. As a much older and smarter character, she comes across, and the actress has changed her voice to sound older than her children on-screen.

In reality, Butterworth is 27 years old, the same age as Innes and Brady, her co-stars. Fans were stunned to discover that she was no older in the series than her son and daughter. had previously told Butterworth how Aelswith was very young in the first season, and as each season progressed, her character matured.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Fans Saying about this:

Fans gave the actress a lot of encouragement, with one saying: last week I just discovered TLK, and enjoyed it immensely, Aelswith has been my favourite character in the show in a peculiar was.

she can be a little antagonistic but not bad. Viewers are excited to find out in the next season what happens to Aelswith.


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