How Captain America Can Return To The MCU Explained

Captain America Updates: Chris Evans is all set to return as Captain America in the future show, but it is hard after Steve Rogers’ sendoff in Endgame?

It was noticed on Jan 14, 2021, that Evan was having a thought of returning as Captain America, but not yet confirmed when this is going to happen.

As everything is speculative, there are different ways of Captain America’s come back.

In 2011’s Captain America: The First Avengers,   when he started his journey, Evan’s time in MCU came to an end in Avengers: Endgame,2019. Steve went back through time after defeating Thanos returned each infinity stone to its rightful place according to the timeliness created in removing them.

In spite of living in present, he preferred staying in past and danced with Peggy Carter before he returned as old Steve Rogers to give Sam Wilson aka falcon his shield.

Whether steve matters Peggy in the main MCU timeline or the branched realities created in Endgame remains a tip for discussion even between directors and writers, but either way, round there is an option for the marvel on the table.

Captain America

Marvel could end up Endgame and bring old Steve Rogers back again. Until that shown cap clearly isn’t out in what was then the present of MCU then it wouldn’t be a stretch for him to come again.

Will Captain America Return?

Phase 4 has been shaped up to be a battle for the legacy of Captain America with the US government having its own judgment on who is going to be the new Captain America.

The return in The Falcon and Winter Soldiers or another movie show of the marvel with those characters will work as Evan will cope up with the Old Steve to provide guidance to Sam as he struggles to take the mantle.

Also, there are limitations to what marvel can do with Old Steve as it would limit the audiences of Captain America in the future. If there’s something biggest then it would make sense to have a younger version of the cap appear, but he simply appears as he does now rather than getting any heavy prosthetic work.

Phase 4 offers further narrative possibilities for this: Black Widow takes place between Captain America civil war and Avengers: Infinity War, already marvel has done a lot of ‘ prequel’ in the 1990s.

There is the surety of clear precedent for new movies to fill in different points of the timeline, and with Cap’s past rewritten so he wasn’t frozen in ice then there is lot of options to predict a show.

In alternative timelines which are going to be explored in Phase4. Upcoming movies and tv shows will feature the Multiverse, and Loki will be set in one of the realities of the branch.

There is a possibility of Evans’ Captain America return in a similar fashion, through an alternative timeline especially dealing with an argument between Peggy and her husband Russos.

After MCU’s future sought to be devoted to this timeline then there is going to be plenty of scope for Evans to cameo or have bigger appearances in the middle of the multiverse. It can be either Old Captain America or a totally new version.

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