Captain America MCU Return Can Solve Endgame’s Timeline Problem

The return of Chris Evans as Captain America of the MCU might help to clear up the mystery as to how Avengers: the endgame time trip works.

The possible return of Captain America to the MCU in Step 4 or beyond will be the best chance to address the confounding problems with Avengers: the otherwise excellent conclusion of Endgame.

Although Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter got their belated happy ending after his return of the Infinity Stones to their timeline due to the former going “off-mission” it took some mental gymnastics to realize how it was all feasible.

The announcement that the original Avenger of Chris Evans may be set for an immense return in the MCU’s future has brought yet more suspense to an already massively hyped new age for the MCU.

Captain America MCU: Update

Captain America

Although new storylines are key – and Marvel is doing excellent work to broaden the roster insignificant and fan-friendly ways – it remains a huge boon to have brands such as Cap, Thor, Spider-Man, and Doctor Weird to help lead the way. If viewers are going to get more of the tale of Cap – or even something different, yet again with Evans in the main position – then that’s good news for everybody.

This is not least because the logic of Endgame’s climax makes a little more work, which has prompted many conversations since emotional dust was settled.

Chief among the problems was the Ancient One’s dilemma of creating the concept of branched timelines and then Captain America seemingly ignoring certain timeline laws to modify his own history (or at least relive the future he was robbed in the past) before ensuring somehow that he already lived as an old man in the main timeline.

The plot-hole was disappointing because there are obviously holes to fill, and now that Evans is due to return, hopefully, the chance to piece together just how Steve Rogers pulled the reverse Infinity Stones heist off and got his life back will be addressed.

Thanks to the less grounded roots of the MCU in Step 4, the possibilities for sharing some of the stories of Captain America in the future of the MCU are far-ranging. In this world, the acceptance of time travel as a feasible science and even the opening of the Multiverse suggest that there is enough reasoning to cover virtually every eventuality.

And while the possibility of an alt-universe version of Cap (possibly even the comics’ HYDRA version) is enticing, it is important to see him react to how his task worked, given that the writers and directors of Endgame do not even agree on what happened.

The Russos were technically mistaken, and Cap’s trip into the past only meant that at once there were two Steve Rogers around, Peggy’s husband was still Steve and he was covering his life.

But that’s not the whole story even though, even though it’s confirmed. And while romantically convincing is the idea of Steve living his life peacefully in peace with Peggy, it doesn’t suit who the former Captain America is as a human.

And it makes no sense to sit on the side-lines when people need saving. If Steve’s return will give a response there, maybe adding the notion of Steve taking up heroism as Nomad in secret, if it’s as Old Steve from Endgame’s ending or a young version snatched out of time again, then the MCU will be better for it.

Although Captain America’s return provides some solid reasoning on what actually happened in Endgame when he returned and fixed the schedules, it’s all a bonus.

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