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Losing Alice: Watch the Full Trailer for Apple TV+’s Upcoming Israeli Thriller

Losing Alice

Losing Alice Updates: Apple TV+ has released a new trailer for its upcoming drama series Losing Alice whereby its protagonist really needs to work on her balance between work and life.

Inspired by the legend of Faust, the Israeli psychological thriller stars Ayelet Zurer (Daredevil) as Alice. She is a middle-aged (48 years old :P) film director who feels a void, an incompleteness, and discontent in her life after stepping down from her career path to take care of her family.

But after making acquaintance with a young screenwriter Sophie on the train, Alice becomes obsessed with both Sophie and her haunting film in which Alice’s husband, David, is set to star.

Losing Alice Trailer

Losing Alice has style to spare — creator-director Sigal Avin films in cinematic widescreen, lending the series the unmistakable look of something classier than what it really is — but far too often, Alice’s motivations are too murky to understand.

Is she in it for the fame? Doesn’t look like it. Has she developed feelings for Sophie? It’s possible. Or, more abstractly, has she become completely overcome by a desire to tell a story?

Losing Alice

“When Alice is asked to direct the project, she enters into an unconventional love triangle, eventually surrendering her moral integrity in order to achieve power, relevance, and success,” the logline reads.

“The series explores issues such as jealousy, guilt, fear of aging, and the complex relationships women have among themselves and each other. But above all, Losing Alice is a love letter for the still-too-rare female director.”

Through the prism of this female Faust, the series explores issues such as guilt; jealousy; fear of aging, rage, and the complex relationships women have with each other.

And, above all, Losing Alice is a love letter for the-still too rare – female director. Losing Alice is a thrilling cinematic journey that uses flashbacks and flash-forwards in a satisfyingly confusing narrative that takes the viewer through the conscious and subconscious of its protagonist’s mind.

Alice’s intricately entangled and intimate relationships with David and Sophie are teased in the official trailer. It finds Alice at a press event for her movie, reflecting on the strange time she had made it.

The drama’s first three episodes drop Friday, Jan. 22, followed by new ones each week.

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