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Joe Exotic team was set a pardon letter to White House

Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic

Joe: Joseph Allen Schreibvogel was commonly known as Joe Exotic. He is an American former zoo operator and convicted felon.

Joe Exotic was born on March 5th, 1963 in Garden city, U.S. He has a criminal status that incarcerated at Federal Medical Centre, Fort Worth for murder for hire animal abuse. For this reason, he was sentenced to prison for 22 years. The apprehended date was September 7, 2018.

Joe Exotic pardon letter for Donald Trump:

Joe Exotic legal team sent a pardon request to throwing a Hail Mary in front of Donald Trump before he leaves the presidency, Joe exotic wants to clear and judge this an issue in his presidency.

The ‘Tiger Kings’ who was Joe Exotic legal team has filed the documents to the court for clearing this issue. They also asked to compel the pardon letter to the office. A pardon letter was sent to the white house on trump’s desk to make a final decision and Trump said that he will give a final decision as soon as possible.

Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic

It is a type of technical issue but is a long story. Joe Exotic’s team was filed a pardon letter in early September, from the rule of America they have to wait after 5 years before asking for a pardon. In 2019 Joe Exotic was murdered to hire a plot against Carole Baskin so, for this reason, it was very early to ask a pardon.

When Joe Exotic was in prison his team lawyers claimed a pardon letter in a few days in the Attorney’s office. According to Joe’s team, it was a final decision that was provided.

They want a final decision in Trump 5 years term of presidency. The legal team had a couple of trips to D.C. and went to the white house to force them to give a final decision on this issue. They were more confident to meet Trump earlier this year and springing Joe from prison. But the paperwork of this issue never gets the Trump.

Trump is aware of Joe’s issue, in the recent press conference he mentioned his name conference once. The team was getting run around and they want to a federal judge to force the to clear pardon Attorney to do their bidding. It is one of the main issues Joe.

According to the evidence, this issue will be cleared soon. He was a very influential person so this will be cleared soon. This issue will be cleared in Donald Trump. Joe’s team was forced to clear this issue to trump. They were tried so much for this.