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Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S in comparison: differences between the models

Xbox Series X vs. We present Xbox Series S here in comparison so that you can buy the best Xbox for you. These are the differences between the models.

That has Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S published. Do you already know which model you want to buy? The Xbox Series S costs a full 200 euros less than Microsoft’s top model and is therefore particularly attractive to bargain hunters.

But not everything that is cheap will ultimately convince. If you buy the Xbox Series S, you will have to accept some compromises, which you can see in the following table.

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S in comparison:

The fact that the Xbox Series S doesn’t offer 8K resolution doesn’t have to bother you. You need a TV that offers this specification and such copies are still quite expensive. In addition, it is more likely that many games will run in Full HD or 4K resolution.

No physical drive

Of more concern is the fact that the Xbox Series S does not have a physical drive. This means that you cannot buy, play and then sell game discs again. You are dependent on the prices of the digital Xbox Games Store and if your Internet is not fast ( check our DSL speed test ), the downloads can take a long time.

No game discs, DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs
Dependent on prices in the Xbox Games Store
Larger downloads
Do you have a film collection on DVD or Blu-ray? You won’t be able to play these with the Xbox Series S either.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

See screenshots for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S here.
Another shortcoming is the SSD, which is only 512 gigabytes because many games are already 100 gigabytes in size. Then you only install four to five next-gen games and there won’t be much more space left. Microsoft will offer external SSD memory cards with one terabyte each, but the company will also have them paid for. The cards cost 240 euros each.

You can also connect normal hard drives externally to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and enjoy Xbox One games. Titles optimized for Xbox Series X (high-resolution, fluid, and ray tracing ) will not run on it. You need the internal SSD or the mentioned memory cards from Microsoft.

Downward compatibility disadvantage

But that’s not all, because the Xbox Series S still has a disadvantage in terms of backward compatibility. If you start Xbox One games on the console, you will only be able to enjoy them in 1080p resolution and not in higher resolutions of up to 4K, as offered by the Xbox Series X, according to a Microsoft spokesman. Casual gamers don’t care, but graphics purists might be bothered by it.

Pre-orders have already started

Have you already decided which model you want to have? We offer you a large dealer overview of the new Xbox consoles. There you can always check whether devices are currently available.

What we Think

We like the 60 percent slimmer design of the Xbox Series S, but don’t let the low price seduce you too easily. By buying additional memory cards and being dependent on Microsoft’s prices for digital games, you end up paying more than you actually wanted.

Maybe you want to enjoy your games later in even higher resolutions and frame rates and then regret your purchase.

Casual gamers with a good internet connection who don’t necessarily need the best possible picture can certainly enjoy the console.

Whatever new Xbox you buy in the future, we’ll help you get started with the console.