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Hitman 3 Speedrunner Completes First Level In 17 Seconds

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Updates: The Hitman 3 has just been released, but players have found ways to complete its various levels in viewing time, as one Speedrunner has completed the first distance in 17 fast seconds.

Hitman 3’s release threatens a revised World of Assassination trilogy from IO Interactive. The review has already announced that this latest update from Agent 47 is the leading in the series with natural craftsmanship.

The anticipation and hype of the latest addition to the Hitman franchise have only been used by IO Interactive itself. Fans have been showcased for the new trailer and new gaming equipment as the game will be unveiled yesterday.

When Hitman 3 finally came to life, there was such a need for the title of the latest assassination when IO Interactive servers crashed into its launch.

Hitman 3 Speedrunner

Now, more than 24 hours after the release, a truly remarkable world record has been set. Frote7 shared their amazing record-breaking race on YouTube, which saw the player in charge of finishing first grade in Hitman 3 jaw drop in 17 seconds.

Hitman 3

The standard, set in Dubai inside Scepter’s main building, saw Agent 47 evict two Providence members who had tried (failed) to commit suicide. By using two well-aimed rifles and a magnet bag to mock nearby NPCs, Frote7 is inside and outside the machines before you can say a bald man with a barcode on his head.

It is very likely that Frote7 will use persistent shortcuts which is a new feature in Hitman 3, to make this faster. Similar to FromSoftware’s SoulSBorne games, Hitman’s latest theme now allows players to unlock shortcuts, such as a locked door or secure stairs, pre-level playback. These shortcuts will remain open whenever the level is updated, allowing new and artistic methods for Hitman players to complete their assassination targets.

There will certainly be some players out there with their eyes set on hitting this amazing Hitman 3 record. Even if there are open-ups, however, the players and fellow runners will need to be very skilled and skilled to be able to pull it off.

The Hitman 3 is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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