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Maci Bookout says hell yes I’m keeping Bentley away from Ryan Edwards

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout: Throughout the years, the Teen Mom world has brought us many abusive couples. It’s a good thing when those couples split up, but when they go on to become terrible platonic co-parents, it’s still an ugly situation.

For instance, take Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards. From the beginning, this friendship was complicated. After Maci and Ryan split, it got uglier, and somehow, it’s much worse now that they’re both married to other people. We posted on a shocking accusation last week from the father of Ryan Edwards, Larry.

Larry says about Maci Bookout:

Larry claims Maci is stopping Ryan from seeing Bentley, his 11-year-old son. We can’t even see him right now, Bentley. They’re not even permitted to see him.

That’s what it is, Larry told the UK newspaper The Sun. If it’s not canceled because of Covid, we’re going to Bentley’s wrestling match on Saturday, he said. Larry and his companion, Jen, did not announce whether they should attend the Bentley match or whether it was called as a result of the pandemic. Their partnership did not go well.

That’s no better. All that she desired and expected has come up, he added. Ryan didn’t comply with all she wanted and needed, and we were shut down.

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout

It seems unlikely that any family court judge will forbid Maci to keep her son away from his father, given the number of times Ryan has been arrested, and his apparently continuing problems with drug abuse.

She has confirmed in the past that she does not plan to do so and that she very much wishes Bentley to have a relationship with her dad.

Obviously, in the last few weeks, something has happened, and unless Teen Mom: OG was recording at the time, they could never find out what it was. Maci has yet to comment on the case, but last week she gave an update on her family situation.

About Maci’s photo and comments:

After Thanksgiving, Maci shared the picture above, and it definitely doesn’t seem like Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, were sadly missing.

Teen Mom OG audiences can feel they haven’t seen the boy laughing like that in quite some time—at least not in the presence of Ryan. Last season, fans were surprised to see Ryan bully Bentley for everything from his golf game to his girls’ troubles.


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