Cardi B Respond to Twitter counterblast after she considers purchasing an $88k Purse

Cardi B: Cardi B, is an American famous rapper, actress, lyricist, she became famous through Instagram by posting her many videos and getting publicity. she is a famous rapper in America she hosts many shows and also be a judge of many shows. She has 80.2m followers on Instagram.

Cardi B Responds to Twitter check the latest updates:

Cardi B angry about the tweet of an unknown person he tweets ask her to out over the weekend so she tweets back. It’s going on Sunday Cardi B questioned her fans this purse is 88k should I spend for this censure purse? Oh my God, It’s attractive.

Many people give quick response to her tweet people are suffering because of pandemic you are reacting like that some tweets, another one is tweet back like this is there’s an explosive disaster, people are suffering because of food they should not be able to give proper food to their families.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Students are going under for debts. Another one tweet back like you have more money if you don’t like that put the purse back than choosing a costly one more expensive than the previous one. See the room another quarrel.

For this response Cardi tweet back with a screenshot of her donating 1 million to the Coronavirus relief fund. She answers back to one fan tweet like I get fear to tweet back, I tweet back Bible quote here. She holds up that she supply a 20,000 meal to hospital staff in New York.

She also tweets the I take care of 7 uncles and 3 aunts from my father’s side and 9 aunts and 3 uncles from my mother’s side taking care of those people because of this pandemic disease. My husband does not allow me to go with you out because we are from the reputed family we have our culture. who are tweets back to me I have already donated a 2 million to this cause and tweets from the stable people what are you people donated?

She gives a new challenge to her Twitter followers you mention the receipt the what you have donated to this cause. So from the receipt, I will donate the same as to the organization.

Let’s START NOW. In my followers list those who have worked for a charity mention the receipt I will give you products as much as possible. As her promise, she donates products to charity fund mentioned by receipts and added that “Soo I ya want me to show ya the purse?”.

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