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Natalia Bryant wishes B.B Sister Bainka a Happy 4th Birthday

Natalia Bryant
Natalia Bryant

Natalia Bryant Updates: Natalia Bryant celebrated her sibling Bianka’s 4th birthday. She shared 2 adorable pictures of the little and one with their late sister Gianna.

Natalia Bryant 17, was overwhelmed in celebrating her sister’s birthday when she turned 4 and upset remembering her late sister.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant shared the pictures of their sibling on December 5. Captioning it “Happy Birthday B.B Kiddo Four years Old Already…Such A Big Girl Now!”.

The first picture showcased Gigi along with Natalia and Bianka standing at the soccer stadium.

Natalia Bryant: Many followers appreciated the image with warmth and love.

Natalia has always been in spotlight for reminiscing posts of her family members at special times.

She also shared a picture on 23rd August of her dad, the late Kobe Bryant, who passed away along with her elder sister and seven others in a chopper accident in Jan this year.

Natalia Bryant
Natalia Bryant

The frame included the late Los Angeles player smiling and holding her chin during her infancy. The post captioned’ I Happy Birthday Dad I miss your smile, laugh, and big bear hugs”.

Her posts reveal her bonding with her father; who used to be her partner in movie binging, late night drive and shared the favorite song list.

Natalaia honored her elder sister Giana, a young basketball player who would have turned 14. The shot featured her and Gianna hugging each other. The post read Happy 14th Birthday

Gigi! I miss your smile everyday but I know you’re always smiling down on us from heaven with daddy”.

Natalia is renowned for sharing nostalgic posts at special times honoring various members of her family, so her new one for Bianka is not too shocking. For her late father Kobe, who died with Gianna and seven others in a helicopter crash in Jan., on Aug. 23, the loving daughter posted a birthday post and included a stunning picture of the former Los Angeles Lakers player smiling at her and holding her chin when she was a girl.