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Farrah Abraham Freaks Fans The Eff Out: I’m Grooming Sophia to Look Just Like ME!

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham: The mother knows it all!!  Fans hate it when she chokes Sophia in a ton of makeup.

Farah Abraham is seen recolouring her 11-year-old’s hair while she sits in a salon wearing lacy shorts. It has been long during 2020 that we might have had normal salon appointments. Let’s hope the mother-daughter duo keep safe during their salon spree.

The latest image of the pair; features Sophia wearing a mask whilst waiting in the salon. The young beauty is seen decked up in a lacy black short.

She’s just 11; why doesn’t her mom understand. A middle school girl; why to experiment with different fashion styles, even those designed that aren’t meant for teens and young adults.

Farrah Abraham: Sophia doesn’t

have regular schooling. She is homeschooled by Farah herself accompanying mom in her travels across the world. Does Sophia need this makeover?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham

It is indeed worrisome to see a child to be forced to grow up top quickly for no reason.

The mid-school child looks like an adult woman. She is seen twinning with her mom in almost every aspect.

Teen Mom fans are frankly horrified with the Instagram stories over the internet.

Dozens of comments poured in like “All I see is a child that has never had a childhood”. ” Another fan commented in Sophia favours “She was never allowed to just be a kid.”

She is 11 years old, let her be a kid,”. “She has the whole of her 20s to be an adult and deal with all the s–t that comes with it, let her enjoy her childhood ffs.”

It shouldn’t be shocking enough for the 11, 12 year old to be daunting as adults. Following their trails in fashion, also style and sense.

Farah has monetized Sophia on social media. She is been seen making headlines; grabbing Sophia attention. Recently, Farah also announced that anyone who wants to follow Sophia on Instagram has to submit $25,000.

It is hilarious to see how a mom uses the daughter to make money.

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