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The Mandalorian Season 2: Why Boba Fett Kept Calling Bo-Katan Princess?

The Mandalorian Season 2
The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian Season 2 Updates: Bo-Katan was continuously called by a Babo Fett.  But, the question here is whether it was a loaded insult are a slight of simplicity. Babo Fett is calles as “PRINCESS”. And, they both specifies in “The Mandalorian”, that they met first time in-universe.

Fett and Kryze were encountered in the Chapter-2 of “The mandalorian”. There is moment for Boba Fett speaks, at that moment Bo-Katan keeps him calling continuously by saying “he is a man, who not belongs to mandalorian”. And, in a way of taking a revenge, she says that “she is crossing a limit by saying a ill matured words”, said by a Fett.

Reviews The Mandalorian Season 2:

Well, clearly I’m in the minority (judging from the ratings) but I have to say this is a mediocre offering. I’m genuinely extremely surprised at the ratings. Anything above 60-70% on Rotten Tomatoes is generous.

Sure, It’s OK for whiling away a 30 minutes or so if you really have nothing decent to watch – but, in honesty, it just ambles along as most movie spin offs tend to do: As a lacklustre companion to the main event.

I’m reminded of programmes like the Planet of the Apes TV series I watched as a kid. Loved it as a child, when even the faintest association with the movie characters was enough to thrill me – but as an adult I now find it terminally dull.

The Mandalorian Season 2
The Mandalorian Season 2

A cash-in by-product for only the most completions of fan-boys/girls – one best kept as a memory from childhood and never revisited.

The central Mando/Baby Yoda story is slow to develop (assuming there is actually much to develop} – with each episode being a stand alone, simplistic story wherein the Mando, while on his travels, drops in on an individual or community in need of assistance, does his hero thing (usually teaming up with a local to do so) before sodding off at the end in readiness for the next episode and his next heroic escapade.

Some More Important Reviews

I find it curious that the ratings are so high. When Disney bought Lucas Arts fan boys all over the world feared the Densification of Star Wars – yet here we have precisely that and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

We’ll see if the central (‘Baby Yoda’) story develops. I suspect (given that we’re 5 episodes in with little progress) that the show is going to take their time with that one.

I think I’ll have long given up before then. The usual approach with TV series like this is to string you along in hopeful anticipation until the ratings start to dwindle, whereupon they’ll quickly cobble together a finale.

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