MCU: Few actors who could have portrayed Iron Man and Captain America!

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MCU Updates: MCU is often praised for its perfect casting and commendable star cast. Sarah Finn has done a great job to choose the perfect actors for each character. This started in 2012, in The Avengers movie, till the movie in 2019, Avengers: EndGame.

Each actor has their own unique style, which sets perfectly into the character. Out of all the characters, the two most famous ones are Iron Man and Captain America. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans were the perfect choices for the two iconic characters.

No one could have portrayed them as perfectly as they have done it. Both of them have given such a commendable performance that people now recognize them using their character names.

However, these two iconic people weren’t the first choice of producers. So, continue reading to know who all could have become Iron man or Captain America.

MCU: Few actors who could have been Ironman

1. Tom Cruise

Well, who isn’t familiar with Cruise? The handsome hunk was almost close to becoming Tony Stark. He even had a fake fan video with Cruise portraying as Tony in Iron man’s iconic scene.

Tom Cruise was initially considered for this role. But by the time Paramount finalized everything, Tom Cruise had shifted to another franchise.

2. Hugh Jackman

The amazing Wolverine could have become Iron Man. Can you guys imagine this? He was offered this role but he declined it as the schedule coincided with his commitments towards X-Men movies.

Moreover, it would be quite awkward on his part to portray the role of two superheroes at a time.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

When Iron Man was initially under development process, the producers considered Leonardo for this role. But this would have been a bit awkward, as he couldn’t have given justice to Tony Stark’s character.

Moreover, Decaprio is one of the rarest stars, who have not joined any franchise yet.

MCU Few actors who could have been Captain America

Image Source: Screen Rant

1. Scott Eastwood

Scott is the son of Clint Eastwood. He was one among the actors who were shortlisted to play the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scott was getting offers for the blockbusters like the Suicide Squad and the Fate of the Furious, yet he was still struggling to achieve the success his father received.

Playing Steve Rogers’s character would have changed that, but destiny had some other plans.

2. Channing Tatum

In the initial stage of casting the star cast for the Avengers series, Channing Tatum was considered for the iconic role. But, if he would have accepted the iconic role, then he couldn’t have made into the 21 Jump Street for its 2012 release date.

3. John Krasinski

The first choice for the role of Steve Rogers’s role was John Krasinski who was at that time playing the role of Jim Halpert in NBC’s comedy series, The Office. The actor was almost on the verge of becoming a superhero as he even screen-tested in Captain America’s costume.

But, before his selection, Thor’s role was selected. And Chris Hemsworth was selected for the role of Thor. After witnessing Thor’s physique, Krasinski felt quite unfit for the role.


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