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Black Panther 2 Explore more about Wakanda’s biggest threat

Black Panther 2

Black Panther 2 Update: The fans of MCU speculated about the new villain would appear in Black Panther 2. but the sequel couldn’t maintain the internal conflicts which made Wakanda so compelling since the release date of it.

The first Balck panther had a huge success at the box office and it made almost $1 billion which was the highest-grossing film made by the Black Director. The movie was made with the collaboration of African culture and the music and production design had a high point of praise for many.

The Cast Update- Who will return?

Well, the fans can expect the same casting plot of the previous movie to the future movie season also. The casting plot for the movie already decided by the production team of the film. while Ryan  Coogler and the other major stars will reappear in this season of the movie. Although, the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman character’s will remain unseen in this season of the film.

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T Challa won’t return for this season of the film, which said by TChalla. Further, it will be interesting to see how MCU will choose the stars for their character in this season of the Black Panther. Although, the best thing among it that Ryan Coogler will direct a project which is reverential of Boseman’s memory.

The Black Panther 2 tell about Wakanda

There is a question arise among the fans of the Black Panther that they will do the heavy lifting of the introduction of the new villain Namor the Sub-marine or Doctor Doom.  But both of the characters is needed for Black Panther 2. The movie also needs to carry on the dive into Wakanda’s complex and sometimes flawed history as part of its narrative.

The first Black panther had shown two conflicts at the heart of the story and due to this reason the movie was so engaging. Killmonger needed to liberate the world through imperialist violence was a stark contrast to TChalla.

He also misguides Wakanda as an isolationist nation. On another side, Killmonger’s way to villainy was directly created and so the king T’Chaka’s original sin had come true. The sin from the king like killed his own brother and left his nephew in America which turned his lifestyle into a killer. Further, the Black Panther 2 will also make history once again.