Tiny Pretty Things: Star Breaks Down The Killer Finale Twist

Tiny Pretty Things Update: The final episode of ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ was a cliffhanger. Bayardo De Murguia opened up about what to expect moving ahead. He also said that he did not know in the beginning what was going to happen to Ramon.

The show has a lot of twists and turns. In the last episode, Ramon was stabbed in the heart. He said after the first couple episodes were done, it all started . They did not know who pushed Cassie.

The show is set very rightly for another season. He did not confirm if Ramon is actually dead.  We also don’t know who did this to Ramon. With the progress of the show, Ramon became more into the show. The show is surely a hit on its streaming platform Netflix.

Tiny Pretty Things: What to expect in the next season?

Ramon has a lot of secrets, but surely he did not push Cassie off the roof of The Archer School. It will be  Delia, his girlfriend, confirmed Bayardo. Further, the secrets would be touched on the show, especially with Delia

“I think there are parts of it that, you know, I could have known, I could have not known. I could have had an idea. I could have helped her. Everything is a possibility.” he said.

He said that Ramon trusts Delia the most. Ramon’s senior Monique has groomed Ramon .“I think the biggest thing for me when I was exploring was just the fact of he had this love for her because she kind of created who he was and his success came from that,”.

Ramon’s vulnerability regardless of whether or not he’s alive or dead will be focused on. Like there can be a  flashback of Monique and talk about their relationship.

They could be seen talking about when they started their relationship and how it came so far to where it is now, and how they have evolved as persons. We could also witness many dreamy episodes, where he will be haunting in dreams.

The season’s last episode has left the door wide open for a season 2. Does Bayardo return as Ramon? For more updates, stay tuned.

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