Kylie Jenner: The Highest Paid Celebrity of 2020

Kylie Jenner: If you really want to find out ‘who is the highest-paid celeb of the year 2020’, then the simple answer is Kylie Jenner. Yes, the beautiful and heart throbbing celeb has made it to reach the top.

Kylie Jenner is like beauty with brains. She knows how to keep herself up on the list. Kylie has even topped the list of highest-paid celebs, leaving behind her brother in law- Kanye West, who is at the second number.

The efforts put by both Kylie and Kanye is worth appreciating. It is not very easy to be at the top when the competition is tough. Even at the time of pandemic when most of the units of the industry are at a halt, the two still have made it to the top.

We are really happy and applaud Kylie’s achievements. This is just to give an idea of how rich or how popular the actress is.

Kylie Jenner Is the Highest-Paid Celeb

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

According to the report by Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the highest-paid celeb for the year. The second-highest-paid celeb is no other than Kylie’s brother in law, Kanye West, who once slut-shamed Kylie for her playboy look, earlier this year.

Kylie Jenner made nearly about $600 million; this is really a big amount! Out of this amount, most came from the sale of her 51% cosmetic products to Coty. Coty made around $540 million for entering Kylie’s business.

In the second place, we will talk about Kanye West, who made around $170 million. This may be much less than what Kylie earned, but is still appreciating. Kanye West made this amount when he had a deal with Adidas for his Yeezy sneaker line.

It is really interesting to note that, Forbes accused Jenner and Kanye of making false statements about their earnings and net worth. But, the news was not well accepted by both the celebs and it had its end.

Kylie, pointing towards the magazine wrote on Twitter “what am I even waking up to. I thought this was a reputable site.” She added “all I see is a number of inaccurate and unproven assumptions lol. I have never asked for any title or tried to lie my way there EVER.

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