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Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise gets angry on Mission Impossible 7 set

Mission Impossible 7
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Mission Impossible 7 Updates: Hilarie Burton, Aisha Tyler, and many more were supporting Tom Curse. Tom went off the production set of the Mission Impossible 7.

The production crew didn’t follow the guideline of the COVID-19. The news came into the headlines on 15th December where the crew members were stood too close to each other and there was an audio clip, leaked by The Sun.

Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise made the headline:

The 58-year-old actor made the headline while the crew members of The Mission Impossible 7 didn’t maintain the COVID-19 protocol. The shouting Tom was so fired and threatening the crew members if they wouldn’t follow the guideline of COVID-19.

At this point, Hilarie, Aisha, and many more stars were supporting Tom for his decision. They showed their support for Tom in their respective Twitter accounts and told about the meaning behind it.

Mission Impossible 7
Image Source: Inc. Magazine

Further, Hilarie wrote on Twitter to reply to another tweet that She didn’t like him more but this time she wanted to blast at Supermarket for the featuring audio clip.

Aisha replied to the tweet for that audio which gave a bit of advice to her also and wrote that they had needed to work on that. The 39-year-old Gash was also showing his opinion on that tweet that Tom Cruise was correct in that point.

Tom’s designer, the 66-year-old Kenneth Cole wrote on it by one of the famous Tom’s movies dialogue to show his opinion about that. He wrote that Tom couldn’t handle the truth. Tom is a good man who belongs to the earth.

Another actress Bethany Anne Lind wrote about that tweet that Tom isn’t advised people, he is a monster who worked hard to achieve his dreams.

She has been running on that train and she didn’t think that the people would judge an out-of-context rant.  The 65-year-old actress Whoopi Goldberg also defenced Tom. She explained her support towards Tom on the recent episode of The View. She said that some of the people couldn’t understand Tom’s angry, but she got that.

Tom is now busy with the shooting of Mission Impossible 7 in Europe. He also shared some snaps of his wearing a mask on the set. The action-thriller movie will get air in 2021.

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