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Miley Cyrus will never ever get rid of her Mullets

Miley Cyrus
Image Source: BuzzFeed

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus has been splashing all over the internet with her Mullets. The short and confident haircut of Miley is a hot topic nowadays.

A few months back, Miley Cyrus first debuted her 2020 haircut. Miley says that her hairstyle is something genetically inherited.

Recently, a 28-year-old singer appeared on the live show called “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on 7 November, where she was questioned on her recent haircut. Replying to Jimmy, Miley said that there is a reason behind this hairstyle of her. She said that during the time of lockdown, everything was restricted.

What Miley Cyrus has to Say?

She adds that even she was not able to go for a haircut to the salon. But she says that everything has a solution and when it comes to Moms, they have a solution for everything.

Miley’s mother, Tishu Cyrus is the reason behind Miley’s haircut. Miley says that her mom knows one and only hairstyle which is the famous Mullet. She is a kind of expert in this haircut.

Miley Cyrus
Image Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Miley said that her mother is an expert in this hairstyle because she has been doing this for Miley’s father and brothers since 1992.

The credit for Miley’s hairstyle truly goes to her mother. She is a kind of family barber and has been doing with the mullets since Billey Ray Cyrus (Miley’s father) came on the screen with “Achy Breaky Heart”, 30 years ago.

Miley also said that her hairstyle is genetically inherited, which means her hair grows in a way that matches best with the mullets and it is really natural how her hair grows. Even Jimmy said, “Miley is born to have mullets.

Well, it has been a difficult time for everyone during this pandemic. Some had been away from their families while some are still far away. So was with Miley Cyrus.

She was away from her father for a very long period of time. But opportunities keep knocking on the door! Miley celebrated her father’s birthday with a special gift, which was one of the best ways to tackle this pandemic.

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