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Kim Kardashian Shared Major Side Eye In Hilarious New Photos

Kim Kardashian
Image Source: CNBC.com

Kim Kardashian: Saint West, 5, Give Sister North, 7, Major Side-Eye In Hilarious New Photos Shared By Kim Kardashian

NorthWest has long ago earned the sassy kid title, but his sibling Saint West isn’t less too. The 5-year-old kid of Kim and Kanye West is seen shadowing her elder one in terms of style.

Kim shared a collection of photos of her 4 children in one frame on December 7th. And Saint saw eyeing his 7-year-old sister.  Earlier Kim disclosed about the dislike North has towards Saint and now it’s evident Saint has learned it too.

A picture posted by Kim shows North looking directly at the camera with a solemn expression on her face,  while Saint had his head slightly turned in her direction and was giving his sister an intense side-eye. 

In a few other photos, Saint has seen holding on to his one-year-old brother Psalm while North didn’t bother much with their direction.

Another picture portrayed, North playfully roughhousing with baby brother Psalm on the ground, while Saint was missing in the frame. 

Kim Kardashian: Recent clicks by the Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian
Image Source: 247 India Market

In their recent click by the Paparazzi, Saint saw wearing a New York Jets football jersey, standing to the far right side of the frame.  North stood on the left, wearing a shirt giving props to her attorney-to-be mom that read “Kim is my lawyer.” 

In between the eldest siblings were in many of her interviews, Kim revealed the gaps between North and Saint. 

In Aug. 2017, she revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan that she doesn’t know why North doesn’t like Saint, may. She thinks it could be being elder ego; with which she has a tough time managing the kids all together.

She discloses North’s jealousy towards Saint since he was 20 months old. At the time North four and Saint was 20 months old.

In April  2018; she appeared on Ellen,  where she disclosed North’s attachment with the baby sister Chicago. The KKW Beauty founder explained that they literally amazed when North actually offered to share something with Saint. 

 Maybe she now realizes her nature towards Saint isn’t fair enough.

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