Selena Gomez’s Selena + Chef Season 2 Renewed By HBO Max

Selena + Chef Season 2 Updates: A famous TV personality presenting cooking shows is quite an interesting one with all the mouth-watering dishes. Well, who does not love good food?

The show became a quite lovable one for the people in quarantine, especially watching a celebrity struggling to cook. Aaron Saidman is the creator of the show, with Steve Hryniewicz serving as its director.

The reality food series is unscripted, with it joining the virtually filmed titles list as a quarantine special. The show also features and invites various guest stars, who joins Selena Gomez and teaches different ways to curate delicious recipes and tackle kitchen disasters. Here is everything all about the second season of the show now after its season one.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Selena+Chef Season 2

Home to HBO Max’s network, Selena+Chef made its debut in August of this year with back-to-back three episodes. However, the series came to an end on August 27 with a four-part finale and also another three sets dropping on August 20.

It is exciting news for the fans that the show instantly got revived for another on the day the first season came to an end. The confirmation also came from the host of the series herself in a statement to Deadline.

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

So, the fan-favorite culinary show is making its way for another season soon. Viewers can expect to get a release towards the end of this year or by the beginning of next year if everything goes according to the plan.

Host and Guest Stars: Selena+Chef Season 2

The reality cooking show is presented and serving as its host by Selena Gomez. She is a renowned singer and an actress and is also one of the executive producers of the reality show.

So, she will definitely return for season two. The first season also featured many other notable guest stars from the world of beverage and food. Season 2 will also make its comeback with fresh batches and news faces of culinary stars.


There is no fixed, determined plotline for the series as it is an unscripted reality documentary presenting different dishes. Selena Gomez is definitely trying to improve her cooking during the quarantine times.

Notable chefs also join her, which teaches her different cooking tips. Season 2, just like season one, will feature Selena Gomez trying to make new recipes.

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