Selena: The Series First Trailer Released and Other Details

Selena: The Series Updates: Selena has already traced its path to the screen of Netflix. It has released its first official trailer. The series is going to debut in December.

The lead of the series is  Christian Serratos of  The Walking Dead. She is going to be pictured as Selena Quintanilla Perez, who is considered the queen of Tejano Music. These bio-drama series are all ready to be aired on the 4th of December, this very year.

Now going back to the story of Quintanilla Perez, she was one of the most loved and top-selling  Mexican-American singers. She was murdered by the president, Yolanda Saldivar, of the fan club, in 1995.

Her life was taken away just at the age of 24. She has been able to achieve great records as a Tejano Singer. Quintanilla can be one of the most celebrated singers of all time. Now as well, when she is not present perseveres to hold a special corner in the hearts of her fans.

Selena: The Series: Christian Serratos transform into Selena Quintanilla

The greatest of all, she empowered all the huddles in the male-dominated Tejano genre. To this fact, she was the winner of the Grammy Award in 1994 for Best Mexican-American album.  Best of all is that she is one of the first female artists who bagged her position in that category.

Moisés Zamora, the creative and executive producer reported that it cannot be said what time frame the series is going to cover but it is sure that they are coming up with a lot of many surprises.

Image Source: Variety

However, we can expect to see the life of the singer in depth. It is going to delve deep into the life and family of the singer bringing into the limelight every possible detail, into the picture.

We would see that Selena on the road at the age of 11-12. It was all a family issue. Then, you will be able to see the great transformation and all the phases she goes through while becoming a great singer.

We will be able to see how she was able to captivate everyone’s attention and heart. Also, the story is going to go deep, bringing forth the family dynamics. Also, we will acknowledge some great things, which we yet do not know about the Quintanilla’s.

Now, turning to the cast members, we shall mention, Madison Taylor Baez, who will enact the scenes of the singer’s childhood.

Now, mentioning about the Quintanilla family,  it will be pictured by Ricardo Chavira, as Selena’s father, Abraham; Seidy Lopez, as her mother, Marcella; Gabriel Chavarria, will be her brother, A.B.; and Noemi Gonzalez as the singer’s sister, Suzette, is series executive producer. Selena’s husband Chris Perez will be played by Jesse Posey. On My Block star, Julio Macias will play as Pete Astudillo.

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