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Blood and Treasure Season 2 Gets Delayed and Other Details

Blood and Treasure Season 2
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Blood and Treasure Season 2 Updates: Blood and treasure is an American action drama series written and created by Stephen Scaia and Matthew Federman.

The show was premiered on May 21, 2019, on CBS, and Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, Mare Webb, and Mark Vlasic are producers of this adventure drama. The first season has 12 episodes, it’s shooting was done in Rome, Italy, Morocco, Tangier, Turin, and Marrakesh.

It sounds interesting, we can imagine how much the cast could have enjoyed it. B and T were renewed for its second season in June 2019. The show revolves around an antiquities expert team on a mission to catch terrorists who found their attack with items they have stolen.

The team surprisingly finds themselves between the 2,000-years-old battle for the Cardle of civilization. This action show has received Leo Awards for Best supporting performance by a male in a dramatic series (Antoni Cupo)

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Cast and Characters

Matt Barr as Danny McNamara

Sofia Pernas as Lexi Vaziri

James Callis as Simon Hardwick

Katia Winter as Gwen Karlsson

Michael James Shaw as Aiden Shaw

Oder Fehr as Karim Farouk

Alicia Coppola as Dr. Ana Castillo

Blood and Treasure Season 2
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Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck

John Larroquette as Jay Reece

Antonio Cupo as Captain Bruno Fabi

Tony Nash as Omar

Ali Hassan as Taj bin Yusef

Anna Silk as Roarke

Paget Brewster as Sister Lisa

What can be the possible plot

Dani plays as an arms dealer to extract information from terrorist Karim Forouk’s middleman. Danny and Lexi head towards the castle where Germans may have hidden Cleopatras Sarcophagus. Hardwick (Dr. Castillo’s assistant) who was kidnapped reveals information to Fabi and Gwen about who else is searching for Cleopatra.

Farouk wants back things hr stolen from the pyramids. Hardwick is in trouble as he is investigating the brotherhood of Serapis land. There are growing tensions between Fabi and Gwen. Danny and Lexi lead to the Bermuda triangle to track down a smuggler’s plane.

Hardwick helps Danny and Lexi to outflank the Brotherhood. Lexi’s life will not be the same after Farouk’s plan comes into action. In the last episode, many secrets are revealed to Danny about his past. B and T season one is full of action, mysteries, and secrets are hidden.

The second season was to be aired on 21 may 2019 but due to the covid-19 pandemic, it will be released soon in 2021. I hope you enjoyed reading it.