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Top Upcoming K- Drama on Netflix in 2021

Top Upcoming K- Drama
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Top Upcoming K- Drama: Best Korean dramas popularly known as k dramas are famous worldwide for their amazing web series and intense movies. South Korean stuff is quite funny, suspenseful, and exciting. They provide subtitles in many languages. South Korea started a television series in the 1960s.

They usually have one screenwriter and up to 200 episodes in one show. Dar Jung Geun (2003)  is one of their best stuff which sold out to 91 countries. The plot and storyline are about action, school drama, horror, legal drama, comedies, romantic elements, emotional plays, and some cool stuff. Their main themes we observe are following traditional values, family values, love, and friendship.

We find top 10 must-watch web drama for beginners, top 10 romance Korean web series with ratings, most popular Netflix dramas on YouTube. The good news is there are many many amazing k dramas coming up next year. Few are mentioned below…

Let’s Checkout Top Upcoming K- Drama on Netflix in 2021

Love Alarm (season 2) (Romance)

Love Alarm Season 2
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The series revolver round three cute teenagers.

Kim So Hyun

Song Kang

Jung Ga Ram

There is an application called love alarm according to which if someone like you and they are within 10 meters of you the alarm ring. The app also shows how many people like you. Love alarm mixture of comedy and romance. There is a total of 16 episodes in season 2. Season 2 will be out during the first half of 2021.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North (Horror, Historical)

Kingdom: Ashin of the North
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The story will reveal what happened to Ashin in the past. It is a type of from Kingdom season 2 and is about the character Lee Chang’s group encounter on their journey to North. The kingdom is a horror, historical, and zombie series. The cast members are

Kim Run Hu

Jun Ji Hyun

Park Byung Eun

Koo Kyo Hwan

Arthdal Chronicles (Season 2) (Fantasy, Drama, Romance)

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2
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Released in June 2019, season 1 got many fan followings worldwide. Season 2 does not have an official release date. The main characters of Arthdal are-

Jang Dong- gun as Ta- gon

Song Joong Ki as Eun- Seom

Kim Ji- won as Tan- Ya

Kim Ok- vin as Tae Al-ha

The Silent Sea (season 1)

The silent sea has a total of 8 episodes full of horror drama and mystery. Choi Hang Yung is the director and cast members are-

Gong Too as Han Yoon Jae

Bae Doona as Song Ji An

Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Seok

Hoe Sung Tae as Kim Jaesum

Lee Moo Saeng as Gong Soo Hyuk

The silent sea is about a space agent selected in a team to visit the moon. The team has sent to collect unknown samples from the research station.

Undercover (season 1) (Crime, Action)

Undercover Season 1
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Is about a police drama and an undercover officer. The cast members are

Lee Hak Joo

Kim Sang Ho

Park Hee Soon

Ahn Bo Hyun

Han Se Hee

Interesting Upcoming K-Drama stuff.

Younger (Season 1)

All of us are Dead (Season 1) (Horror)

Round Six (season 1) (Action, Thriller)

Sweet Home (season 1) (Horror)

So not Worth it (season 1) (Romance)

Move to Heaven (season 1) (family drama)

Hellbound (season 1) (Supernatural, Horror)

Finger (Season 1) (Crime)

DP Dog Day (season 1) (Military)

Annarasumanara (Season 1)(Mystery)

Hope you enjoyed reading and will have fun watching these amazing shows.