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The boss of Riverdale has hinted on renewal of a character

Image Source: TVLine

Riverdale Updates: The head of team Riverdale has hinted at the possibility of the return or resurrection of a character. “Nothing stays buried forever…”

The return of the character is unexpected and it will leave fans awestruck.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the showrunner of Riverdale posted a teaser image on Twitter on November 24 with the line: “Nothing stays buried forever… #Riverdale Season Five coming soon.” In the photo, it can be seen a gnarled arm coming out of the ground in a dark forest.

Fans reactions :

Fans have given multiple reactions to the tweet. One of such fans said”OMG LET JASON STAY BURIED THIS ONCE,” while a second fan added: “HELP IS THIS JASON RELATED AGAIN??? I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH THAT AFTER HIS LITERAL /VIKING FUNERAL/.”

While there was one more among many to suggesting: “it’s gonna be something to do with a penny, hal, Jason or someone completely irrelevant.”

At the very beginning of Riverdale, we saw that Jason Blossom was shot in the head and season one moved on to focus on the mystery of who killed him.

Hayley Law :

Also, talking about returns, Valerie Brown star Hayley Law admitted that she’d be keen on rejoining the show after a two-season break. Her words were, “I totally would [come back]. It’s where I started, so I would always go back. The story is out of this world and I love everybody on the show, and I still talk to them.”

About Riverdale :

Image Source: TVLine

Riverdale first premiered on 26th January 2017 and received massively positive critical reviews. The fourth season premiered on October 9, 2019.

CW and the makers of the show announced the renewal of the show for a fifth season. The fifth season is gearing up to premiere on 20th January 2021.

Riverdale Season 5

The fifth season of Riverdale is planning on hopping forward seven years or as a “way of revamping” the show. There’s a prom to look forward to, and it sounds very dramatic. The fifth season was supposed to air as part of season four but it later got shifted to an upcoming new season.

Aguirre-Sacasa in an interview said, “When it became clear that we weren’t gonna be able to finish the season, the first thing I kind of did was to look at episode 20 to see if we could cobble together an episode from that.”

The characters in Riverdale are based on Archie Comics, the show kind of gives an inflammatory take on small-town life.

The show follows all-American teen Archie Andrews, budding writer Jughead Jones, focused singer Josie McCoy, girl-next-door Betty Cooper, and new student, Veronica Lodge; and how their lives take an insane roller coaster after the tragic death of Jason Blossom.