Rare pic of Zyan Malik and Gigi Hadid during her pregnancy

Zyan Malik and Gigi Hadid: It has been more than 2 months since they had embraced their parenthood. Hadid Welcomed her and her boy boyfriend Zyan Malik’s first child, a baby girl, a month later in September.

They did a photo dump on Instagram. they have posted the photo which has never seen before, from august.

In late April, the couple confirmed they are expecting their first baby, since then the couple hasn’t posted any photo of their pregnancy. Zayn Malik has posted four photos released of the couple from when she was expecting their daughter.

Zyan Malik and Gigi Hadid in Instagram Video

Now she took to the photo Flaunting her baby bump on her Instagram page much to the excitement of her fans. Now she took the photo-sharing app and shared a few unseen photos from her pregnancy clicked in August, a month before she delivered her baby.

Hadid confirmed her pregnancy in a video interview with jimmy Fallen.

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The couple added that Gigi’s pregnancy has been really good for her and Zyan. The on and off couple got back together at the end of last year. shortly before Gigi pregnant. Things are going really smoothly as they are closer as a couple than they were ever before.

Gigi’s mother has been really huge support to Gigi throughout her pregnancy. Hadid’s mom Yolanda is very excited to become a grandmother. Hadid was pregnant during her fashion month in February. Gigi recently shared a photo gallery of a shot from her summer in Pennsylvania.

The supermodel took to Instagram and shared a few never seen photos of her pregnancy.  Gigi opted to keep her pregnancy away from the spotlight.

A few weeks after the photo was taken Gigi welcomed her daughter in New York. The couple hasn’t disclosed the name of the baby yet. But they have shared the glimpse of little on an enormous occasion.

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