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George Clooney shares his parenting experiences

George Clooney
Image Source: Closer Weekly

George Clooney: Actor George Clooney has his say on parenthood, as he tells us his experiences about how he and his wife are enjoying their time.

He shares three-year-old twins named Alexander and Ella with wife Amal Clooney. He is an honest conversation shared all mistakes the couple has made in raising their kids on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Midnight Sky actor said that they “did a really dumb thing.” He confessed that his daughter and son “speak fluent Italian at three,”. It is a challenge for them when it comes to disciplining the kids as the couple doesn’t speak Italian. Clooney says that they have “armed them with a language,”, the kids are not afraid to use it.

George Clooney shares Funny Incident……

The actor said that one day he told his son and daughter to go back and clean their room, and in reply, the kids say ‘Eh, papa stanza,’.

Allexander and Ella were born in June 2017.  They were brought up initially at the Clooney’s villa on Lake Como in Italy which is the place where he first met his wife.

George Clooney
Image Source: MSN.com

He said that her life was incredibly exciting as her clients were influential. The two of them got married in September of 2014 in an Italian-style wedding.

Parenting and Cooking skills

Also, the wood stained the entire house in order to keep himself busy for a while. George also revealed that he has been cooking meals for all of them.