Ozark Season 4 may feature interesting turn of events with Helen Pierce’s death

Ozark Season 4 Update: Netflix’s crime thriller Ozark is returning with the final and last season four with 14 Episodes. The stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney shifted to the Ozarks for concealment for a Mexican drug cartel.

In the previous three seasons, the family connected with the underworld to deal with heroin and gangsters. Now, the fans can see the pair becomes nearer to the Navarro cartel and the death of Helen Pierce.

The events in Ozark Season 4

In the previous season of the series, fans could memorize that Omar Navarro shot and killed Helen. Immediately, she and the Byrdes reached his home in Mexico.

He also said that this is the beginning part of the show. After that, Marty and Wendy didn’t go to the deep of the scheme, and Wendy was working nearly with Navarro; Marty is trying to convince the FBI to settle down Navarro’s case. It indicates how much they will face the problems of terror in their relationship.

Additionally, the show creator Chris Mundy described to Entertainment Weekly that he was trying to wake up Wendy, the show’s main thing. As he is the central part of the show and he will observe by the radar.

After that, someone’s blood got mixed with him, and for the future, he got included in the play. Further, he said that Navarro went to kill Marty and Wendy, but he didn’t kill them and killed Hellen.

Navarro knew that they have the FBI’s power and can do anything with that power in the drug war intervention against their rival. This power no one can use other than them. So the relationship is an interesting one, and Marty is always contacting the FBI agents although Agent Maya Miller’s request.

Though season four of the show is all about suspense, we have to keep patience to know who will meet their death. The fans worldwide are waiting to know who will meet their end, either cartel’s brutal or Omar.

When Can We Get The Upcoming Show

Jason Bateman announced in August that Ozark Season 4 would get back into production this year. He also stated that because of the COVID-19, the production got delay, but they will get back to their works in November with the proper guidelines. If everything goes right, then it will be aired next year.

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