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Pretty Cure
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Pretty Cure Updates: The Pretty Cure is the magical girl series produced by Toei Animation. One-piece, Dragon Ball, and Sailor moon are some popular series of pressure.

Pretty Cure has 17 different anime series,  many movies, a variety of toys video games, and even musicals. Though there are 17 anime series only 3 are available to American fans: Futari wa pretty cure, Smile Precure, and Doki Doki.

Pretty Cure: Here is what fans should know?

Doki Doki Precure 49 episodes were dubbed for American fans whereas the total 30 episodes. Doki Doki is about inspiring to be happy, brave, and fight every problem. But English dub did not include these positive messages as result fans were disappointed with this change and the series failed to get a good fan following.

The 2004 series, Futari wa pretty cure was directed by Daisuke Nishio. Futari wa is about magical girls shaving world. Precure has “monster of the week”criteria.

The magical girls defeat evil forces and monsters and keep the earth safe. Futari wa was the first channel in the UK and Canada on UTV and pop Girl digital channels respectively. 48 original episodes of the series are cut down to 40 episodes which are dubbed in America.

CAST( fictional characters)

Nagisa Misumi

Shizuku Tsukishima

Ellen Kurokawa

Kanade Minamino

Hibiki Hojo

Pretty Cure
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Inori Yamabuki

Miki Aono

Honey Kisaragi

Tsubomi Hanasaki

Urara Kasugano


Rin Natsuki



Nozomi Yumchara

Mai Mishou

Mugi Asai

Saki Hyuuga

Minna -Dietlin da Wilcke

Shiny Luminous

Mei Ling Li

Yuri Tanima

The Plot-

All Precure Mega-Poll is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. The two main characters of the series are Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro. The fight against negative force approaching Earth and find prism stones to repair Earth and other worlds.

The new series Healin’Good Precure is about Nodoka Hanader. She moves to a new city where she meets Rabin. Rabin is an animal that came from Healing Garden. A healing garden is a place infected by enemies named Byougen.

Nodoka Hanader and her friends get power from Rabirin to become Precure so that they can protect Earth from evil forces. Another famous series is Heartcatch Precure, which increased the fan following for pressure. The main character in this series is shy and introverted.

Characters in heart catch are designed by Yoshiko Umakoshi. Hugttol! is another popular series that got first place in anime Subreddits 2019 Anime Awards.  Though the series is interesting and unique it did not get much recognization outside Japan.

The best anime that are popular in Japan

Girls and Panzer (2012- 13)

Precure Franchise (2004-05)

“Yo-Kai watch” (2014)

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