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Alien Worlds Season 1: Releasing Soon & Everything we know so far

Alien Worlds Season 1

Alien Worlds Season 1 Update: Alien worlds are all about the imagination of aliens’ life on other planets and applying the law of life on earth to other planets of our universe. This series is scientific fiction stating facts. It is a nature and ecology documentary and an amazing display of science and CGI.

The show is in English and the country of origin is the United Kingdom. It is cool to imagine what exists on other planets. Alien Worlds will give different directions to scientists who study Space and Alien civilization and also widen the scope of imagination about the same.

The official trailer was out on YouTube (14 November 2020) and has around 17,07,432 views. There are countless planets in-universe and humans are excited to know how life may adopt there. What type of species may exist up there.

This series needs powerful imagination and out of the box thinking. It will definitely drive the audience to a different world, which is beautiful and weird at the very same time. A world where cute but terrifying creatures exist. and Golden Globe-nominated actor Sophie Okonedo(an English film actress, narrator singer, theatre, and television actor)  will narrate this series.

Alien Worlds Season 1: Plotline

Alien Worlds Season 1-

There is an amazing line in the show which says when the bird thinks that he’s got the advantage that’s when the wings will get tucked in. Alien Worlds is a story of alien civilization and is an interesting hybrid. Alien worlds consist of limitless possibilities of exactly what resides on other planets.

How do they look?  What do they eat? Do they have advanced technology than on earth? Are they like a green little man or huge like Thanos?  Do they have supernatural powers as shown in Stranger things and Avengers? How do they communicate? There will be many questions asked.

Alien worlds may take us one step closer to Aliens life. In the official trailer, you will see a beautiful world having cool and huge creatures, different and wonderful nature. The official trailer also speaks about alien civilization has already headed for Earth. The show will be an amazing experience. So be ready for action series starring aliens.

When will it Release?

Episode 1 will be out on 2 December 2020.  So hold your seats tight for a wonderful and adventurous journey.

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