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Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in January 2021

Netflix Originals
Image Source: What's on Netflix

Netflix Originals: What’s coming on Netflix in 2021? Here is the list of movies and series coming to Netflix in 2021. Let’s take a look at this.

For now, these are list though there will be more in the list latter for now here is the list:

Let’s checkout Names and Release Dates for Netflix Originals January 2021

We can be heroes in 2021

A fantasy family movie jam-packed with a top-tier cast to kickstart the year directed by Robert Rodriguez.

the story about when alien invaders kidnap Earth’s superheroes, their children must team up and learn to work together if they want to save their parents and the world.


The cast includes Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra, Christian slater, Boyd Holbrook, and Taylor Dooley.

Release date: January 1

Netflix Originals: Pieces of  a Women

This heart-wrenching story follows a couple who has lost their baby due to malpractice from the one tasked with delivering it.

This story is one of the big pickups by Netflix from the various film festivals from 2020, and it is arriving in the first week of 2021.


Vanessa Kirby as Martha Weiss

Ellen Burstyn as Elizabeth Weiss

Molly Parker as Eve Woodward

Release date: January 7


Netflix has content from many different languages so this time it has brought the series from the Turkish titles? this new year off with two new original in Turkish from the region including the brand new movie directed by the Taylan Brothers.

This movie is about a middle-aged man who is not content and starts a web of lies to break out of his routine and then he gets stuck in his own web, because after all how long can a web of lies work in the life in front of truth.

Release date: January 8

Cobra Kai (season 3)

Netflix Originals
Image Source: What’s on Netflix

After the positive reviews for season 1 & 2 cobra kai are coming up with season 3, it has been in the bag so to speak for months by the fans who are waiting for the season.

This series has a long future ahead of it with season 4 whose production will start in early 2021 too. It has been a trip for Cobra kai over the past years with moving entirely with Netflix.

It can be assumed the season 3 also to be in the top 10s list as the season 1 & 2 were. this is going to be one of the biggest releases on Netflix in the upcoming year.

Release date: January 8

The White Tiger 

Netflix will be starting the slate of Indian content with The White Tiger at the end of January 2021. It is about an Indian man who has risen from a poor villager to a hugely successful businessman in India.

A novel by Indian author Arvind Adiga tells about the darkly perspective of India’s class struggle in the globalized world.

Release date: January 22

50M2 (season 1)

The second Turkish title to be released on Netflix. A brand new crime drama series about a hitman on the down-low after betraying the trust of the bosses and assuming a new identity that he has created on its own.

Release date: January 27

Lupin (season 1)

Netflix is also coming up with a new French slate is a new modern adaptation that is playing the role of Assane Diop. we don’t have enough updates on it and the release date id also not been decided.

Rumored Netflix Originals for January 2021

Gabby’s Dollhouse

Double Dad