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Voices of Fire: Ezekiel & Pharrell Williams’s search for Hampton Roads’s best voices

Voice of Fire on Netflix Reviews

Netflix’s Voices of Fire has been released today you can stream it from today, the show is about Ezekiel & Pharrell Williams’s search for Hampton Roads’s best voices. The Series will have 75-member choir and will be divided into three groups sopranos, altos and tenors.

Voices of Fire Reviews: Should you stream it?

The episodes will be start from the try out sessions where out of 1200 applicants 300 invited to the church, among which only 75 will be selected. The first round will be about the searching for best 75 out of the 300 which will be decided by Ezekiel Williams with the help of Peggy Britt and music director Larry George with master Patrick Riddick. So, the series will be vert interesting to watch, as we will go through the musical ride with the local gospel artists and their back stories.

General Plot of Voices of Fire

Voice of Fire on Netflix Every Details

The major plotline of the show will be as like the Amarican Idol, only change is that the show will take place in the church. And the show will be very similar like The Voice as Pharrell was the coach and mentor at the show earlier. The Idea behind Voice of Fire was to search for the best gospel choir artists from the local areas. And this is the first time its going on OTT platform.

Cast and Crew of The Show

The show has been designed and made by Ezekiel & Pharrell Williams and as per an interview given to the Hollywood Reporter Pharrell is very much involved personally with the show as his uncle Ezekiel is attached with the show and its based in Pharrell’s hometown Hampton Roads, Virginia. Pharell had announced the show with his uncle at the Essence Festival around July of this year. As per Rolling Stone the Series will has only 6 episodes.

About the Contestants of  Voices of Fire

In the first episodes of Voices of Fire, we can see various hopeful contestants with few extra-ordinary like a girl with a girl who has only one year since her birth, a 42-year-old man who had to murder his mother at the age of ten, a woman who suffered a lot to take care of her ill husband and father and of a man who lost his one hand in an accident.

Another contestant who has severe social anxiety only feel comfortable in front of microphone. IF you like the reality shows like American Idol and The Voice your will certainly love the series, So, ope your heart and out on the earphone and start stream the series on Netflix.

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