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Alice in Borderland: Release date and all you need to know about the new Netflix Series

Alice in Borderland on Netflix

Alice in Borderland Updates: Netflix is introducing a new heart-pounding series from December 10 which is dark, suspenseful, and forceful.

Alice in Borderland is a series about a group of people whose imagination and fascination are too big to fit into their real life. So they charm in the flight of desires that withdraw them from their everyday real lives.

Alice in Borderland: Story

A story adapted from Manga, a story of Alice in Borderland based on the lives of three friends who suddenly step out onto the roads of Tokyo. Into a world apparently without other human life following a mysterious power outage. None of them is able to understand or realize what is happening to them. But still, they make a choice to trust their instincts and head towards one of the stores that appear to still have power. But rather than finding answers, they find a set of cell phones. Also, a woman who seems to know more about the difficult. An unpleasant situation they have entered into—and a strange, mysterious, and dreadful world knew as Borderland.

Alice in Borderland Plot & Cast

Alice in Borderland Cast

Some parts of this series may resemble Alice in Wonderland but it is more mysterious and adventurous than it. Ryōhei, Daikichi, Chōta, and Saori (the three friends and the woman they met at the store) learn that the only way to make it deeper and survive in Borderland is to listen to their phones carefully as they have stepped into a series of unusual odd games all overseen by Borderland’s megalomaniacal ruler. The only way to survive in Borderland is to win life-threatening games. It proves to be just a strange and dangerous place and if Borderland’s heroes are not cautious they could end up putting their lives in danger and risk.

 Release Date

Alice in Borderland releases on Netflix on December 10 starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya. The official trailer of this series published on YouTube on 29 October. The fans can watch the series on December 10. The Earlier Release Date was postponed due to some problems and COVID-19 Pandemic, Bu now the fans can watch the series on the scheduled date and time.

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